The Power of Light

When my parents decided to move out of the house I grew up in, I was not only sad because it felt like I was losing a part of myself, but I also came to learn that I had never really known the extent of who they were stylistically. My childhood home was very traditional in nature and although we had modern furniture in it, I never realized the extent of how modern and eclectic… Read more »

The Jesse Owens 75th Anniversary Gala

To bring Jesse’s story to life and support OSU’s fund raising goals of this event, Bartha completely transformed the Ohio Union ballroom into an elegant gala setting. Everything from the linens, to the flowers, to the content for the screen graphics were designed or created by Bartha. Because we had our hand in every facet of this project, everything was extremely cohesive and well thought out. Innovation was at the forefront of the execution of… Read more »

Logistics: Growing Industry Can Put the Columbus Region on the Map

As part of the Columbus Chamber’s mission to retain and expand existing businesses, the Columbus Region Logistics Council (CRLC) has recognized and capitalized on the opportunities the logistics industry has presented. To help tell the story of Logistics, the Columbus Chamber partnered with Bartha’s Video Production team to produce a video to be shown at their Annual Meeting. To view the video, visit Bartha’s video page here and select the “That’s Logistics” video…. Read more »

Business Announcements – Columbus Dispatch 2.6.2011

Bartha announced the addition of two team members today: Jeff Warnement as Director of Photography and Mike Meyer as Manager of Video Production. Both will oversee the production department developed to provide clients creative content for their natural events. “Their tenure in the industry combined with their innovative approach will enable us to better serve our clients,” stated Dan Bashore, President. “We have been assisting our clients since 2004 with content and we are excited… Read more »