Work SpotlightJune 29, 2016

Let’s Get Creative

From our first rental to our most recent production, we’ve always focused on being a trusted partner to our clients. As we’ve grown from our first traveling productions in the late 1980s, we’ve added more services and continued to invest in the industry’s best equipment.

In 2006, we started our production team. They are dedicated specifically to the creation of creative content for our events. As you saw in our previous blog post here, we’re natural born designers and we’re committed to making every event shine.

From the time our production team first banded together, they’ve grown to include people talented in the creation of set designs, motion graphics, HD video production, art direction, video editing, animations, marketing and event branding. They are highly skilled in all types of programming and, most importantly, are true artists at heart.

Our team meets with clients every day and dreams up inventive ways to communicate the event theme through video content, signage, graphics and branding. They can take even the most abstract idea and help deliver an impactful message.

Read through our graphic below to see an event logo comes to life and then click here to contact us today!

Let's Get Creative: Client Meeting – We have an initial meeting to discuss your theme, how you want to use your logo and get information on must-have details. Research & Brainstorm – We hit the books and learn everything we can about your business and your theme – anything that might help that lightbulb moment. Then we meet internally and share our ideas as a production team. Concept & Sketch – We take the ideas from the internal meeting and create sketches of how they would look as a logo. Design – We take our strongest sketches and turn them into your first round of logo designs. Present to Client – We meet again and present our first round of logo designs. Then you tell us what you love and what you want to change. Revise, Finalize & Integrate – We revise to your heart’s content then get the logo ready to use throughout your event in all the ways below.


One example of this collaborative design process is the event logo. For instance, take the latest NENA conference logo:

The research, sketch, concept, and final step in custom logo creation.