Work SpotlightJuly 21, 2016

Preparing for the Big Ten Development Conference

In the last week of July, Bartha will travel to Purdue University for the Big Ten Development Conference. We are not only staging the event, but participating as the main sponsor for the conference. This provided us with the unique opportunity to showcase our creative production services as we prepared marketing collateral for the event.

Bartha Lounge Design

30×15 is a large space to work with, but it can easily become crowded. We kicked around ideas to showcase creative technological examples, but quickly realized half of our space would consist of equipment. After much contemplation, we decided to display our work in a gallery type setting. Renderings of the space were composited to help us envision the flow and layout. After three rounds of revision, we landed upon a quad structure to allow maximum visibility.

It is not easy to describe the full capabilities of our company, so we carefully chose photographic examples to tell our story. Additionally, we added a testimonial video featuring our clients to speak on our behalf. Soft seating rounds up the area to provide comfortable areas for conversation.

PowerPoint Design

As the main sponsor for the conference, we had the opportunity to present to attendees prior to the keynote speaker’s address. To keep our live presentation engaging, we designed the speaker support graphics to mirror our stage delivery.

Video Production

To make our vendor area more engaging, we shot and cut together testimonial footage from clients who had recently used our services for gala type events. Additionally, we are sending a cameraman to the conference to document the three-day event. The footage will be cut together for a summary video of the conference and sent to attendees.

Print Design

We designed a variety of print pieces to showcase our capabilities. These items included signage in the Bartha lounge area, the laser cut print piece at each place setting for Wednesday’s luncheon, and our marketing brochure placed in the registration bag.


To set the stage for Wednesday’s keynote speaker, we are bringing in a small set that utilized the conference logo and the logos for all of the Big Ten schools. Additional staging equipment ensured that all 250+ attendees not only have a good view of the speaker through image magnification, but also hear the presenter clearly.

Event Branding

Everyone loves a good party. Once we heard about Tuesday’s soirée at 308 On State, we wanted to add to the theme and environment experience with a few illuminating details. We hope to see you Tuesday for a fun evening. #AdvanceBig10