Team BarthaAugust 3, 2016

Chris Andrus: Natural Born Audio Tech

Chris is an audio tech and the head of our audio department. He’s been making our events sound amazing for ten years and feels lucky to be doing what he loves. Born to be in audio, Chris went from mix tapes to mixing boards on a career path that took his love of technology and music and turned it into the job he has today.

Running audio can be kind of thankless: Chris always says that if people don’t notice it, then he’s done his job. An event should sound so good you don’t even notice the audio tech, because you’re too busy enjoying yourself. Whether it’s the keynote speaker, the after-dinner entertainment or the presentation of awards, the sound quality should be as clear as the message.

Read on to learn more about Chris and find out what he never leaves the shop without.

Do you remember the first mix tape you made?

My first mix tape was a collection of Hanna Barbera and Sesame Street songs recorded off of vinyl LPs.

How did your love of music turn into a career as an audio technician?

My love of technology and making things led me into a career in theatre. Luck got me into the audio field.

What’s your must-have piece of audio gear or something you always have at-the-ready in your workbox?

The Whirlwind Q-box is god’s gift to audio. Never leave the shop without one!

We know you love a good challenge. What’s an audio experience you were proud of creating despite the environmental obstacles?

Arbonne NTC in the Georgia Dome was a great experience. It was the largest PA Bartha had put together and I got to design it. We got the massive venue sounding great.

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