Team BarthaJune 2, 2016

Carly Bevis: Natural Born Designer

Carly Bevis has been making moments count at Bartha for over two years. When you partner with us, you’ll see her graphic content come to life in your event proposal, theme and branding, logo design, and speaker support content.

When you see her work, you can tell she has a knack for translating abstract ideas into impactful images. And while she didn’t always know she wanted to be an event designer, she has always had an interest in branding.

Read on to see how she ended up here and about her favorite design challenge.

We know you have loved art & design since you were small, but how did you know designing for events was what you wanted to do?

To be honest, I didn’t know designing for events was what I wanted to do. I’ve always had an interest in branding and environmental design, so designing for events is similar in the sense that I get to give the event an identity and then create designs for a space that attendees are going to be be surrounded by and also interacting with.

What’s your favorite design tool?

Pencils, hands down. I’m a firm believer that all design concepts should start on paper so I am always sketching out ideas before taking them into the computer.

How do you know when you’ve had a great light bulb moment?

When I’ve had a great light bulb moment, I’m usually really excited to work on the project and can work for hours without looking at the clock because I’m so focused

What’s your favorite design challenge?

I like a good logo design challenge because it’s fun to see how far I can push my creative freedom while staying within client guidelines.

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