Tips & TricksFebruary 23, 2017

Bartha Toolbox: Live Streaming

To stream or not to stream; it’s a question we hear from our clients often. Streaming is a great tool to bring your event from the ballroom to the living room, but in our digital age, it’s easy to overdo it. The trick is to focus on the message that you want people to take away from your event and stream the parts of the event that clearly deliver. If you stream too much, you could discourage people from attending in person and if you stream too little, virtual attendees won’t find value in watching.

Our Pro Tips
  1. Carefully curate your selections for streaming. Stream the impactful general sessions and keynote speakers but skip the breakout sessions and additional presentations. If you want to showcase an employee award presentation, sales award reception or an exciting onsite event, consider other options like recording the events onsite and creating an edited video to share after the event.
  2. Make sure your streaming partner understands the equipment. While the performance onsite may be the highest quality, it takes a professional to translate that to your stream. Formatting, cables, cameras, microphones, ratios and HD – you need a partner that understands that the right equipment and operators translates directly into the experience of your attendees.
  3. Make it personal. When your virtual attendees are watching from their remote locations, small branded touches can help connect them to your message and give them a more immersive experience. Try options like creating a branded landing page, embedding the stream on your website, making the broadcast mobile compatible or including other media for an interactive experience.

Done well, streaming is a great tool for connecting attendees across platforms. Here at Bartha, we’re streaming experts. From planning and design to onsite execution, we can make all of your streaming dreams come true.

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