Tips & TricksJanuary 26, 2017

The Power of Storytelling

We’ve seen our clients carry out successful event campaigns, for events ranging from sales meetings to annual conferences, utilizing impactful storytelling in email and social media. Something you may not be thinking about is that storytelling doesn’t have to stop with your online rollout, it can be carried throughout your event as well.

The most successful events capitalize on your story in unexpected ways to drive engagement and participation. As you’re planning your upcoming meeting or annual conference, think about the ways below that you can incorporate storytelling into your event.

Create a Powerful Video

Creating a video specifically for your event is a way to maximize the message of what makes your company or association so special. A powerful video will pull on the heart strings, bring attendees together around your messaging and reinforce the goals and takeaways of your story. Our production team can help you plan that video from storyboarding to pushing play.

We offer full service video production that’s powered by the best creative minds. We’ve created videos that do everything from showcase new products, spotlight employees or award winners, tell a story about how far you’ve come or highlight major milestones and accomplishments. From animation to live action, we can create something you’ll be proud of.

Immerse Everyone in the Story

Thinking outside the box when it comes to the space can also create a magical night for attendees. Conceptualize the space as a blank canvas that you can customize. Every floor, wall and custom set piece is a chance to fully immerse everyone in attendance in the mood and the story.
We’ve transformed spaces using a 360-degree screen treatment, a combination of drape and lighting, custom lighting elements like chandeliers and custom set pieces designed and fabricated in-house. The sky, or ballroom ceiling, is the limit when it comes to transforming the space into something memorable that will fuel your attendees throughout the year.

Be Authentic to be Impactful

Perhaps the easiest to overlook is staying authentic – remaining true to the message of your company and to the spirit of your goals. Your team has spent many hours perfecting your campaign, from the messaging to the branding. Carrying that authentically into your events throughout the year is important to their success. Don’t fall to the temptation of a wow factor without a lasting impact or goal. Every element of your event should point back to who you are and why you’re there.

Creating a large event won’t guarantee the buy-in a successful event will require. We can help you understand the ways to leverage your messaging so that every cue, video, presentation and keynote speaker sounds and feels like you. We spend the time to find out what makes you special and then our creative department creates unexpected elements to make your event shine.

Partnering with your internal marketing team, we can keep every element on-brand and incorporate your story into the video production, the room design, your custom set and so much more. For a list of services click here. When you’re ready to start your production journey, click here.