Trends & InnovationsSeptember 16, 2016

Our Speakers Fly

Lyon array

Providing audio services has been part of our core business for as long as Bartha’s been around. From 1946 when we sold portable sound systems, to our first traveling event production gigs in the late 1980s, to our most recent conferences everywhere from Canada to California, we’ve remained a trusted audio resource. And while audio might sound like a boring, technical part of an event, it’s worth a second look. Our audio engineers are audiophiles at heart and they run a sound board like they were born to control all of those faders and buttons.

From the audio engineer’s standpoint, an event is a success when the audio goes unnoticed. It may seem backward, but unlike most other parts of event production, the audio team likes to fly under the radar. When audio is well-delivered, attendees are focused on the message not the sound system. That’s the way we like it, and we use all types of technology to ensure that is the case. That includes best-in-the-business Meyer Sound equipment – including their LYON line array series – and the SIM audio analyzer. You can read more about those here.

So what does that mean? Well, let’s get nerdy. Line array speakers are considered best practice for large PA systems because of their versatility and fidelity. Here are the top four reasons we use them and why they’ll make your event shine.

  1. We have built our business on offering the best to our clients – that goes for people and equipment. It’s because of that commitment that we use Meyer Sound speakers almost exclusively, and why we chose their LYON line array series. Line array speakers utilize multiple speakers of the same size, mounted together in a line and flown (suspended from rigging). Meyer line array speakers are scientifically engineered, combining multiple drivers to provide uniform sound coverage.
  2. They’re scalable. From a ballroom to an arena, line array speakers can be used to create a PA of virtually any size. This makes them perfect for the multiple venues we travel to every month and perfect for a variety of budgets.
  3. They allow our audio engineers to get creative. Our team of audio engineers receives on-going professional training on our line array speaker system, teaching them everything from new ways to rig them to new ways to group them. They also utilize the SIM audio analyzer which allows our engineers to run an acoustical analysis of a sound system measuring everything from distortion to coverage. Using those measurements, our engineers are able to precisely level and position the speakers to deliver expert sound to everyone in the room.
  4. They’re constantly getting better. Line array speakers have been around for decades, but the technology keeps evolving and improving. Today they are more compact than ever and the technology packed into one cabinet out-paces the technology of even five years ago. That constant evolution is why we stand by our original commitment: continuously investing in the best technology for our clients. That investment allows us to produce events where the sound is as skillfully engineered as the set and as artfully created as the lighting.

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