Trends & InnovationsApril 22, 2024

The Power of Event Branding and Design

Today’s world is a constant barrage of brand messaging. That’s why a clear brand identity is critical. It lets you connect with your target audience, showcase your company’s values, and consistently deliver on your promises.

Essentially, your brand isn’t a monologue—it’s a dialogue with your audience.

But how does that translate to one-time events? Does every event need its own distinct brand? At Bartha, we believe the answer is a resounding YES, and here’s why:

An Extension of Your Brand

Creating a voice, look, and vibe for each event gives the experience its own personality.

Your event brand should be a seamless extension of your organization’s identity. It can amplify your core values and translate complex ideas into bite-sized, audience-friendly messages.

Bringing Your Event to Life

Our Bartha process starts with a conversation focused on understanding your brand’s unique identity:

  • Tell us about your audience.
  • What do you want to accomplish with this event?
  • What are the internal priorities and strategies for the coming year?
  • What will excite your audience enough to hit the “register” button and invest in attending?
  • What do you want them to remember when they board the plane homeward?
  • Is it important to create an event brand that you can leverage in the weeks and months to come?

Once that conversation takes place, we get to work bringing the event brand to life.

An event theme, logo, website, app, set and lighting design, LED backdrops, scripting, graphics and animation packages, internal and external signage, scenic elements, online experiences, videos and motion graphics, expo and breakout theming, product launch approaches, 3D renderings, social media tools, and even fully branding the venue and attendees’ hotels are all on the table.

Turning Vision into Reality

Our goal is always to create an immersive, cohesive experience for each attendee from arrival to departure.

We bring our full in-house suite of design services and event pros to the table to co-create a brand identity that will connect with audiences, and—if desired—branded content that the client can pull forward into their ongoing engagement with their community.

The impact doesn’t stop when we strike the set; it empowers your brand to resonate long after the last guest leaves.