Tips & TricksMarch 14, 2024

Mastering Event Logistics: You Deserve Seamless Planning & Execution

We’ve been in the event business for many years – 77 in fact – and there are always two items at the top of our clients’ lists:

First, they’re seeking strong communication to ensure their event’s vision is fully understood and realized. Additionally, there’s a desire for execution that truly wows, with clear sound, dazzling lighting, and engaging visuals, all contributing to an unforgettable event experience.

How can we ensure that we deliver on this? By providing them with a seamless experience from start to finish.

The Right People

To ensure the flawless execution of our clients’ visions, our team of experts in light and sound design, motion graphics, content creation, and scenic design collaborates closely with equipment operators and producers, guaranteeing every element aligns seamlessly for a memorable event experience.

We’ve spent years creating a proven communication system to support success — every music cue hits, every slide comes up on time, every video roll is impactful.

The Right Equipment

Every job starts with the right tools. Building a house? You’ll need a hammer. Lawn work? Mower and trimmer. World-class event? You need up-to-the-minute technology and equipment.

At Bartha, we’ve always made having and maintaining our own warehouse of equipment a priority. Why? Because that’s the only way we can be sure the equipment will deliver on the promises we’ve made to the client. You just can’t have that same level of confidence with rental equipment, which is a go-to solution for many production houses.

We take care of our equipment. We service it and maintain it daily to ensure it will deliver. We upgrade it when new innovative solutions come along. Our staff is well-trained and work with these crucial tools every single day.

Having complete faith in the equipment makes a huge difference when you’re producing more than 300 events a year.

The Right Facility

Our brand-new, in-house, state-of-the-art studio is a space where we create videos and motion graphics for clients, with collaboration from relevant team members in-house as well as client involvement.

The sky’s the limit in terms of video graphics and treatment, with our in-house team of creative wizards, content creators, and editors.

The Right Company

Bartha is different in many ways. Providing a seamless experience for clients with our incomparable equipment, in-house resources, and beyond-extraordinary team sets us apart.

“This was OCLC’s first virtual event—with a six-week turnaround time, an audience with high technical standards, and a combination of live, and prerecorded content—and it was seamless!”

– Programs & Events Manager, OCLC