Team BarthaJuly 9, 2024

From Nervous to Nailed It: How Our Backstage Crew Makes You a Presentation Powerhouse

Forget stage fright! With Bartha’s aid, nervous presenters transform into confident communicators. Our proven methods empower you to own the spotlight and deliver impactful presentations.

We are meticulous about providing top-notch visual design elements like video, graphics, animations, scripting, and speaker support. Backstage, three key roles support these elements — the Stage Manager, Graphics Operator, and Teleprompter Operator. Together, their job is to ensure that each speaker is fully prepped and ready to go.

Stage Manager

Speakers will meet the Stage Manager during rehearsal — walking through their stage appearance from start to finish.

The Stage Manager guides speakers from their entry point to their designated spot on stage, then discreetly escorts them off after their presentation. We anticipate their needs, assisting with any props or special requests. To empower their confidence, we also provide a live preview of their graphics and demonstrate how to use the teleprompter effectively.

The speaker may have questions about wardrobe, like how patterns may work with the stage backdrop, where their mic pack can attach, even the style of earrings that may hit the mic and create noise.

The Stage Manager can also act as a wardrobe consultant for the speaker, addressing questions about how clothing patterns might interact with the stage backdrop, ensuring the microphone pack is discreetly attached, and even advising on earring styles to avoid microphone interference.

Speakers are instilled with a sense of confidence as the Stage Manger answers all their questions and helps them feel comfortable with the logistics of being on stage to deliver their presentation. They also know the Stage Manager will be with them on their big day.

Graphics Operator

The Graphics Operator cues all the presentation slides that occur during the show. They are closely aligned with the script, so they can follow along and time your slides and builds at the right time.

The Graphics Operator will often have created some of the elements, so they are well-versed in the overall show messaging. Speakers have the opportunity to sit with the Graphics Operator backstage during their rehearsal time to review their slides or other graphic elements.

The entire backstage team can see all the presentation’s elements on a piece of equipment called a Multiview. Similar to the picture-in-picture TV mode, the Multiview shows the current graphics and the prompter content in separate windows. The team can see all the elements at a glance.

Teleprompter Operator

A third crucial part of the speaker support team is the Teleprompter Operator. They scroll the speaker’s script on large screens throughout the venue.

Presenters may prefer their full script in the prompter, or bullet points to keep them on track. No matter which they choose, the prompter operator follows the speaker, not vice versa.

“I think that’s a fear people have,” said prompter operator Carol Lapp, who works extensively with Bartha. “They’re concerned that they will have to keep up with the prompter. It’s the exact opposite. I adjust to their cadence.”

In general, we’ll situate a few monitors in the audience that scroll the presenter’s script. Having two or three screens in different parts of the room allows the presenter to move around naturally on stage, maintaining the ability to see their script while also appearing to maintain eye contact with the audience. We can even incorporate a prompting system called Jumbo Bright that tracks the presenter’s eyes. This system uses a unique display that hides the text from the audience.

Rehearsal is crucial for speakers. They get a sense of how the prompter screens look, what the stage looks and feels like, what their graphics will look like – and very importantly – rehearsal allows the presenter to meet and develop a sense of trust with the team.

We find that once our clients meet their support team and understand how extremely competent they are, it fuels their confidence in delivering a truly impactful presentation!

We look forward to helping you master your presentation. Let us know how we can help.