Team BarthaJanuary 12, 2024

4 Essential Steps to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

Planning a successful event for your organization is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 4.
Over the years, we at Bartha have refined our process into four elements that deliver an impactful event.

Step 1: Discovery

This is where we get to know each other—the point when your organization’s goals and priorities for the event meet our capabilities and creativity. This exchange helps us to zero in on the story you want to tell your audience, and then we start to transition to the next step.

Step 2: Planning & Design

Because Bartha is a true one-stop creative and production resource, we are able to create a comprehensive plan, developed and implemented by an in-house team that works together every day, tossing ideas around, identifying key concepts, and collaborating to bring every event to life.

This step includes laying out all elements that create impact and engagement, using your priorities, goals, and budget to inform the process.

Event logistics and timeline, branding and event design, video production, vendor and venue selection, set design, and all the elements that go into a great event are defined in this step.

We come back to the table (with you!) to discuss and define, then get busy making it happen.

Bartha team working together

Step 3: Execution

One of the big differentiators between Bartha and other production companies is that we can deliver everything your event requires in-house. That includes all the equipment – which we own and maintain – creative concepting, visuals & motion graphics creation, set design, lighting, design – everything that makes your event uniquely your event.

Flawless execution is always our goal, and we have the team and resources to hit it.

Bartha warehouse crew and behind-the-scenes in the control room

Step 4: Post-Event Evaluation

We don’t simply move on after we strike the set. We look closely at all aspects of the event. What worked? What could be improved on? What elements did the audience engage with the most? What feedback have you received following the event?

We leverage the insights gained during the evaluation process to inform and enhance our understanding of your organization’s goals and audience preferences moving forward—refining our approach in the discovery phase to ensure a more targeted and impactful storytelling strategy for future events.

This iterative process enables a continuous cycle of improvement and innovation in event planning and execution and sets our partnership up for continued impact with future events.

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