Work SpotlightOctober 21, 2021

Switching Gears for Legends Luncheon

Switch Gears: This idiom has a well-documented role at Bartha these days. For several months we were in the planning process with our client/partner for the Memorial Tournament’s Legends Luncheon. The 500-person event was to take place in person at Battelle Hall in Columbus. Presenters included Jack Nicklaus, Dale Earnhardt Jr., an award winner, and CEOs, but then there was the idiom again! Two weeks before show day, the switch was made to a virtual event. The client was very concerned about it being just another “Zoom meeting” and how to make the content engaging for the attendees. The Bartha Team immediately “switched gears,” and the virtual production team took it to the task.

We created an immediate production plan that included a streaming virtual platform design based upon the brand. Working with our client, we rearranged the content and set up live links with all presenters. We also sent crews to record other speakers and edited their presentations to flow into the live discussions. We recommended they enlist an in-studio host and a band to give the show a live feel. The band performed in our studio for a 3-camera shoot that became the musical preshow and sponsor reel to open the show. In the end, 300 virtual attendees thoroughly enjoyed the lively conversations that seamlessly unfolded before their eyes, mixed with beautiful Bartha-created animations and content transitions. Our success, though, was based on our client’s reaction.

“You all were great to work with! Thanks so much for helping to make it a success. High fives all the way around.”

– Heather Ditty, Director, Marketing & Community Relations