Tips & TricksOctober 10, 2021

Sam’s FAQs About Virtual Meetings

Sam is a Virtual Production Manager at Bartha with ten years of experience making events shine. Here are the top things she thinks you should consider taking the mystery out of virtual meetings so you can have your best event yet.

  1. What kind of experience do you want your guests to have?
    • We often hear “we don’t want our guests to have to do any work”, which we understand, however that greatly limits available options. Generally, people say the previous statement when breakouts are involved, which then requires a Zoom meeting and is not recommended. We do recommend a branded page with breakout join links; minimal work on the guest, and still allows for a branded, personal experience.
  2. Speakers and Presenters: familiarize yourself with speaking in a virtual setting.
    • It can often feel jarring speaking to a screen with no actual people present.
    • The logistics of virtual are simply different, and it is a learning experience for everyone.
    • Make sure to ask any and all questions during rehearsals. We want to ensure that you are comfortable, prepared, and also have a positive experience in the virtual world.
  3. Virtual does not automatically mean easy.
    • Keep in mind virtual events are its’ own animal.
    • They require more work on the attendee side: In-person all the guests’ are required to do is put their butt in a seat. With virtual they may have to log on to their computer, make sure they have internet connection, the proper link, are using a suitable device, working browser, and so on.
    • During the event, there may be internet connection issues, there is the possibility for user error, and other things that may be out of our control.

We always strive for the best event, and experience possible. If you are unsure where to even start, don’t worry! Our goal is to help find the best solution for each event and make the process as simple as we can.