Trends & InnovationsAugust 6, 2021

Every Virtual Event is Custom-Made at Bartha

Apart from basic user interface and web design standards, a virtual event’s venue is only limited by your imagination. Events on the web can be anything. Sometimes it is a simple web page with a livestream embed, and sometimes it is a customized platform website with dozens of pages. Depending on the event size, functions, and other factors, we will make the page or site to suit all your needs.

In the past, these web pages were rare and served a hybrid event purpose. The utility of being a livestream for the audience that could not be there in-person. In 2020, the demand increased exponentially, and hybrid shifted towards a fully virtual angle. However, according to many clients, as things return to normal, many of the conveniences discovered from virtual events have become a requirement for future events. This makes hybrid the standard minimum.

Some web pages start as scavenger hunts. If a client does not have logos, fonts, colors, photos, and other materials ready, we go to their official site and gather what we need. Sometimes there is no website or the theme needs to be more specific to the event. The page’s design is then guided by whatever can be found: a PowerPoint presentation, a registration page, a brochure, an e-vite, or anything available to perfectly imitate the company’s style. Even with nothing up front, a design will be improvised.

Wherever you are in the virtual or hybrid event process, Bartha is here to help.