Tips & TricksSeptember 24, 2013

Maximize Your Video Production* Investment

Annual conferences and other events provide a great opportunity to connect with attendees and communicate a message. It seems as though the goal each year is to go beyond the experience of the previous year’s event. A great vehicle to creatively and effectively deliver a message and add excitement or visual interest to the event is through video production. This powerful story-telling tool can excite, motivate, and re-energize your team.

Video Tip 1—Make it memorable

Not sure what to showcase? Think about potential customers that might be able to provide you with a great testimonial. For something inspiring, profiles of high achieving individuals can be used to share insight with the audience. And, of course, there are always those emotional stories of individual and/or corporate success. The possibilities are endless.

Video Tip 2—Look for the video’s “Legs”

A well-produced and polished video can be a cost-effective investment when designed to have “legs” well beyond a particular event. With careful planning, scripting, and post-production, that single investment can yield valuable communication tools through DVD media, web and social media outlets for as long as it is a valid message.

Video Tip 3—Reuse and Recycle

Even a modest video production will create an archive of useful media assets that can easily be re-purposed, re-edited, and crafted into new messaging. You may be able to “lift” certain sections of an event video or simply, extract and re-edit that moving success story, then utilize it to recruit new personnel or attract new customers.

* Did you know that Bartha has a comprehensive video and media production team equipped with the latest HD production gear? To some, that remains something of a well-kept secret. The fact is, Bartha’s team has created some pretty amazing projects: ultra wide screen videos, a kinetic typography and animation piece, multiple award videos and image pieces for a number of high-profile clients.

Bartha is committed to delivering the best media production services in a comfortable, collaborative atmosphere; full HD video acquisition and post-production, 2D and 3D design and animation, onsite video production, presentation graphic design and production, virtually everything required to create a polished, effective message.