Trends & InnovationsSeptember 24, 2013

No Waste!

When planning your next event, consider how wasteful you might be. Not with water bottles or extra food (although we do think that is important too!) but with your event space. Your set-up doesn’t have to be about just about a couple of screens and a podium. BE DIFFERENT – use ALL of your space to maximize the visual impact and the opportunity to communicate.

Consider these creative ways to use your space:

  • Floor Projection – event logos utilizing lighting instruments or even full motion video or graphic content
  • 360 degree projection – surround your audience with high-impact video messaging
  • Ceilings
  • Pre-function space – free-standing kiosks with plasma displays can deliver video or graphic content as attendees enter or gather for social functions

Bartha can design CADD floor plans of an event space to maximize the space, and offer creative ways to utilize the event space for your next event.