Team BarthaSeptember 24, 2013

What’s It Worth?

Everyone loves stuff. Buy one, get one free. Order now and get 50% off. But what’s it really worth? Are you getting something that matters to you or is it just something discounted and/or free?

For years, Bartha has worked on creating value behind our services. Bartha’s belief is simple: Invest the time and attention and deliver services that support and enhance events. Don’t “nickel and dime.” Don’t count the paper clips. Stick to the budget.

Some of Bartha’s “stuff” can be measured in dollars and cents. Some is simply priceless.
We believe these services and the way we do business add value to everything we do.

  • Access to Bartha staff for creative, consultation, collaboration, and brainstorming
  • Initial set and stage designs
  • Stage and set design revisions and renderings as an event evolves
  • Creative consultation for presentation graphics and creative consulting for video production
  • On-site flexibility and “can do” attitude
  • Performance “above and beyond” to make things right
  • Dedicated, invested staff

Why do we value these services? It’s a way of fulfilling a commitment to do everything possible to make each event special and successful.