Trends & InnovationsSeptember 24, 2013

Live Streaming — Is It Right For Your Event?

Many meetings now offer live streaming elements to their events. Used successfully, you can share your event experience with the world. Used incorrectly, your event creates a disconnect and your audience will disengage.

Bartha wants to be sure you stream correctly so here are three tips we think you should consider.

  1. Select the right content; don’t just stream everything. Be selective and find the right message you want to share.
  2. Know your speed, you don’t want a ticket. You want to ensure that the video can be uploaded at the correct speed on site. With the right equipment this is no problem however, if you aren’t prepared your streaming video can end up with large delays and that means participants will not have a good experience.
  3. Use the right ratio when outputting your video. How you export your video from the source will make a huge impact on quality. A bad picture isn’t an option so be sure you know how to format correctly. And be sure you are using the right equipment to capture the sound and picture. Not all cables, cameras and microphones are the same.

Streaming is an effective tool but not if it means that it could hurt attendance at your event because they can watch online. Consider streaming only certain parts of the general sessions, or just the keynote speaker. Make your audience want to come to the event, but give the online viewer something to view if they cannot attend for some reason.

For more helpful tips on streaming your next event contact John Killacky at 614.252.7455 or johnk (at)