Trends & InnovationsOctober 1, 2019

Maximize Guest Experiences and Opportunities with Smart Floors

Event ROI is an elusive animal. It’s easy to get impressions and anecdotes. But not so easy to get real-time data that can impact ROI almost immediately. A new product called SoleSensor changes all that by tracking customer movement to understand customer behavior and provide immediate data to maximize opportunities within a given space.

Each SoleSensor is an unobtrusive 2’ x 2’ paper-thin, pressure-sensitive mat that can go on top of a hard floor, under carpet or even under graphic floor clings. Each mat has connectors on each side so multiple mats can be used to cover larger areas. Originally designed for use in retail stores, they also have applications for trade shows, expos and other events and event components.

When placed strategically in a space – such as at entrances, demos and presentation areas, SoleSensors track traffic and engagement. They can track the number of visitors, where they go in the space, how long they stayed in target areas and, if applicable, whether or not a purchase was made. They can also identify bottlenecks with slower than desired traffic, hot spots with ample activity and dead zones where traffic is light or non-existent.

SoleSensor mats provide data in real time, allowing planners to improve the booth or expo floorplan, redirect customer traffic or staff the space differently based on visitor behavior. Essentially it is a smart floor that provides usable data to help you improve your ROI by understanding how visitors move through your space and where they spend their time while in it.

No matter what smart flooring product you decide to use, analyzing data in real time can help you make impactful decisions for your attendee experience. We’d love to hear from you about your next event and share more ways a smart floor can improve your event experience! Click here to reach out now.