Tips & TricksOctober 3, 2017

Falling Ahead and Into 2018

It’s a crystal clear fall day. The type of day – among the few remaining in the year – that you should be enjoying. But you’re not. You’re in the office, planning next year’s events and activities, assigning costs and evaluating the value they provide. That’s right. It’s budget time!

Budget time is a great time to fully envision next year’s opportunities to connect, communicate and further your brand and mission with your sales people, employees, raving fans, partners and thought leaders. And, typically, with each new year, planners and producers are looking to improve upon the previous year. But how can you up the experience without upping the expense?

At Bartha, we have an extensive history of planning, supporting and executing a wide range of events to help any organization achieve a myriad of goals and objectives. Through years of experience and budgets detailed right down to jump drives and gaff tape, we know the costs of such items as signage and décor, registration, meals and banquets, keynote speakers, entertainers, rigging, union labor, gear and all the rest of it. With this knowledge, we can help you leverage the resources you have to achieve the best bang for your buck while also steering you clear of situations that may end up costing more than anticipated.

As you prepare for 2018, here’s a big-picture look at work we do over the course of a typical year for a variety of clients. The main idea is for a company or organization to connect the communication dots from one meeting to the next, build a consistent message over the span of all events, culminating with the biggest conference. Along the way, plan to re-use/re-purpose as many assets – electronic and hard goods – as possible.


Many companies we have worked with over the years, believe it’s important to kick start the new year with an event in January. This is especially true for companies with large numbers of sales people located across the country.

We have partnered with several businesses and organizations to plan and produce events and conferences designed to inspire positive, results-driven activity within the first quarter that will impact the rest of the year. From training events for sales leaders, to multiple-event road shows, to live streams and meetings-in-box, we can work with you to develop dynamic experiences that inspire engagement and performance.


Spring presents outstanding opportunities for rejuvenation via events of all sizes to help solidify emotional connections, celebrate recent accomplishments, promote future endeavors and set the stage for a productive summer conference.

Some companies use this time to meet with smaller groups of sales or thought leaders, often in a retreat, spa or other good-vibe environment. They review results and fine-tune direction and messaging for the remainder of the year and into the following year.

The use of video, music, lighting and other media enhance these experiences to make them more attractive, more memorable and more impactful. We also have a keen eye for cool venues across the country and can negotiate contracts on your behalf and coordinate all the event details.


For most event professionals, summer is the season of the annual conference. Typically, this is an organization’s largest audience and it’s an experience designed to strengthen the connections within an organization, provide training, roll-out new products, programs or direction and inspire loyalty and performance.

There are endless ways to go about this, and we’ve done just about all of them. We can put our experience to work for you to tailor your conference to meet your needs and the needs of your audience.

Just about every person in attendance will be taking pictures and shooting video that will live on forever in social media. The conference has to look and sound great while accurately representing the values and mission of the company or organization. Logistics have to be well-thought out with every detail and contingency taken into account. The sheer scale and significance of conferences of this size require the type of vision, expertise, equipment, service and talent that Bartha has provided throughout its history.


Every conference is significant. And those that fall on major milestones – 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, etc. – have even greater weight. In addition to the traditional conference elements, past accomplishments coupled with a vision for the future are celebrated in ways that connect and inspire.

We recently had the privilege and honor of producing a major Midwestern university’s bicentennial commencement. The immense production and technology needs were leveraged to tell the 200-year story of the university while connecting to the program’s essential elements. Our creative services and video production teams provided support and produced program elements. We also produced video and graphic content celebrating the university’s history and future, which were shown during the procession of graduates.

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