Trends & InnovationsNovember 2, 2020

Pivoting Towards Virtual Can Enable Broader Access

Over the last few months, as plans have continued to change, we’ve helped new and long-time clients create virtual experiences that help capture their attendee’s attention and challenge what’s possible by going virtual. One of these events was the Ohio Virtual Fatherhood Summit. When the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood, a long-time partner, reached out to start planning their annual summit, it was an in-person event for around 200 people. But as with many events in 2020, they had to make the decision to create a completely virtual event. Their main goal was to stay as true to that original event as possible.

Overall, this event was a big success. Over 450 people visited the website and generated nearly 30 thousand page views. Feedback from attendees and vendors was positive with lots of comments on how much like the in-person event we were able to make the virtual summit. The summit also logged record attendance because they weren’t bound by typical financial barriers that often stifle events of this size, such as venue capacity, travel, lodging and catering costs.

"... the State of Ohio's Virtual Fatherhood Summit was a huge success because of Bartha's support. Since the Virtual Summit occurred last month, a few other state agencies have inquired about the a/v company who supported it as they were very impressed with the events." - Kimberly Dent, Executive Director

Our award-winning design team partnered with our experienced team of technicians helped the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood reach their goals and create an impactful experience. With our turnkey solutions and impressive support, they were able to connect with more attendees than in years past and reach higher than before.

You can read more about how we made this event a success here. You can learn more about virtual solutions here. We can’t wait to get started on your next great experience!