Team BarthaDecember 2, 2020

We know we don’t look it, but we’re almost 75 years old!

2021 will mark our diamond anniversary and we’ve been looking back at how far we’ve come. From our humble beginnings as a small family business to our current role as the trusted production partner for clients of all sizes, we have remained dedicated to the ideals that made us successful from the start:

Great People, Great Equipment and Great Customer Service.


Through changes in technology, leadership, business models, and economies, our evolution as a company has revolved around anticipating, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our partners to ensure they meet their goals and can see their vision come to fruition. We’ve become a nationally recognized production company traveling the globe using the skills we’ve honed through grit, determination and passion for events.

It hasn’t been easy building the business we’re immensely proud of today. It’s easy to feel that the pivoting we’re doing now to virtual events is different than what we’ve endured in the past. But the only thing that’s truly different is the reason we’re pivoting. When it comes to reimagining events, we’ve been doing that from the beginning. Our ability to innovate and adapt has always been a point of pride, and facing this challenge has reminded us of our resilience and how talented our employees really are.

One of things we have always enjoyed about events is how they are never the same and there’s always innovation. From new technology solutions to the amazing things our creative and scenic teams dream up, we are always reaching for new heights.

As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we hope you’ll join us over the next few months in looking back at how we’ve evolved, but also at what we’re excited about for the future.