Trends & InnovationsSeptember 28, 2020

Digital Event Solutions

Are you interested in having a meeting virtually? Perhaps it’s time to create content and push it out through a webinar? Or maybe stream information to a select group of individuals? What if it’s time to take that full live event and put it online as a virtual event so your attendees may benefit?

With Bartha, a successful virtual event is not only a stress-free experience, but one that is safe and secure. From password protected sessions to pre-meeting test streams making sure all pathways are engaged, Bartha is dedicated to making sure we give you the best, safest product, every time.

We know you have many choices when looking for an online partner. Our platform solutions, combined with our industry professional know-how and experience, unequivocally gives you the best and most well-rounded solution for your next digital event.

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Web Streaming is primarily a presenter with supporting digital content. They are based on a video-to-user model. They handle thousands or even tens of thousands of viewers with no application requirements or log on needed by a viewer.

streaming chart


A Webinar is the best way to manage the interconnection and participation of multiple presenters. It provides the flexibility to manage multiple presentation elements from various presenters such as, cameras, HD videos, audio and graphics. Combining all of those elements into one cohesive and content rich screen for the viewers.

This is a Bartha Producer/Technical Director, doing all the nitty gritty work. They control what “goes to the screen”, and how the viewers interact with the panelists.

These are your presenters contributing to the stream from remote locations. They can share their screen or follow along as needed.

Your audience members. Given the situations, they will be given different opportunities to engage with the live presentation.
webinar structure


This is a great way to get multiple people from around the world into a digital “room”. (No need for the 6’ rule here). They are great for talking about a given subject with fellow collaborators. With the ability to break off into smaller groups, virtual meetings are a simple way to meet in comfort.

Virtual Meeting web

Waking up your virtual viewers

Your company generates engaging content to share virtually with your audience, but how do you keep them watching and participating? Now give your attendees many reasons to tune in and absorb your message. Before your event starts, launch a Virtual 5k race. Your attendees will have a reason to hop on the event platform every day, login, and record their activities and steps. This fun, healthy activity gets them comfortable in their new virtual event environment; it encourages fun competition and serves as a place to share fun photos, videos, and chat. Once your event begins, with Plenary and Breakout sessions, push out fun and engaging online Polling during all sessions. Viewers will enjoy the live Poll results during the sessions, and you will enjoy seeing your viewing numbers hit an all-time high!