Team BarthaAugust 26, 2020

Bartha Toolbox: Scenic Elements For Your Virtual Meeting

Pivot. Virtual. Webinar. Buzz words sound different in the world of events these days. But just like you wanted your in-person event to be memorable, the focus on lasting impressions is just as important for your virtual meeting or event. In this series, we’re going to outline some tips to make your event stand out in the virtual arena. Whether it’s a webinar, pre-recorded video segment, virtual awards ceremony or a full virtual event, we know how to help your message shine and keep your attendees wowed.

This month let’s talk scenery. It’s tempting to believe your blank wall is the right call, but sometimes a change of backdrop will be more impactful and cohesive. Here’s some tips and tricks for leveling up your scenic elements:


A quick solution to add some punch to your video and remove any background distractions is to put up a backdrop. There are a lot of options depending on your budget and size restrictions including drape, fabric and custom designed prints. Additionally, using a green screen allows for a range of custom graphics or scenes. Of those solutions, using a green screen offers the most options for customization and changes throughout your event. If you have a space that’s well designed and organized, you may be able to use that as a backdrop by getting the perfect camera angle and lighting.

While those solutions work well for webinars, breakout sessions and video segments, you may find that a sound stage or studio works better for produced virtual events like awards ceremonies, interviews with social distancing and video production.


Adding some lighting can make all the difference for your virtual meeting or event. We are firm believers that if you can hear and properly view the message it will be more impactful. Shadows in the wrong places, color balance problems, light coming from weird angles, banding caused by fluorescent lights – the issues with lighting can be endless. But they can also be fixed with some tried and true tricks. These include using light from multiple angles, diffusers, reflector disks and the right backdrop. Proper video lighting should look natural and let the presenter be the focus.


As we touched on above, the location is an important part of your presentation. The same way you’d have designed a main stage or breakout room to spotlight your presenter, you’ll need to think of what’s behind your presenters on screen the same way. Scouting your location ahead of time will provide continuity and look the most professional. Think about what ambient sights and sounds are in the space you’re considering. Think about the message you’re sharing and the theme of your webinar or event, how can your location or background options help reinforce that message? Your location is a part of the whole package of the virtual experience for attendees.

These elements are all things to consider when planning your virtual meeting or event and are just one set of considerations to make during your pre-production timeline. For more ideas on ways to leverage digital tools, click here. For more information about our virtual event solutions, click here.