Tips & TricksJuly 28, 2020

Leveraging Digital Event Tools

Virtual event platforms are a crowded market. vFairs, Pathable, ON24, 6Connex, Whova, Socio – the options seem endless. While you may be tempted to navigate these platforms with your own internal teams, like a live event, they become more impactful when working with a trusted partner.

You shouldn’t have to brave the world of digital events alone. Your production partner will take the burden of navigating the technology off your shoulders and allow you to focus on what’s most important: the actual event.

Here are some ways that an event production partner can help you get the most out of your virtual event:


Getting information from one trusted source will save you time. This conversation can include an overview of platforms, capabilities and help you understand what you need to reach your goals. Whether it’s a webinar, web stream, virtual meeting or full virtual production, a great production partner will help you make the best choices for your specific needs.


If your speaker isn’t a Certified Virtual Presenter and you want to give them an extra boost of confidence, ask your production partner for help. They can help your speakers get comfortable with virtual tools, hone their message for this different format, offer rehearsals and consult on backdrops and technology needs. Then when the time comes, your speakers can focus on delivering their message and not on the production.


Just like in-person event, digital events need support to shine. Whether that’s custom website pages, branded streaming windows, presentation graphics, animations or video production, your production partner can do it all. Customizing these digital event tools can often be the most challenging part of bringing your digital event to life. Utilizing a partner can shorten the time frame to creating your event and allows you to focus on the content instead of the technology.

scenic sketch with pens and markers


Sometimes all you need is a knowledgeable facilitator. Whether it’s someone to provide scriptwriting, rehearsals, moderating, facilitation or production management, your production partner has a team of knowledgeable people ready to help you make your virtual meeting impactful and successful. They know how to get the most out of your virtual event platforms and can help build your event before you go live. They can also handle any unforeseen technical difficulties and can ensure that your event starts and ends on the right foot.


Even though you aren’t filling a meeting or ballroom with equipment and scenic elements and bringing everyone together in one place, proper equipment will get your message from wherever you are to your attendees. Production solutions can ensure that your backdrop, lighting and video quality make your event more professional. While your digital event tool may ensure that your event is organized, it won’t ensure that your content is well made and delivered with quality.


If you’d like continuity with the location of your videos and presentations, or if your speakers do not have access to a space that works well for your event, your production partner may have a studio space that can be customized to your needs. A studio can be used for both live and pre-recorded segments. This ensures that equipment and backdrops aren’t an issue and gives on-site support to speakers.

Recording on a green cyc


While a digital event tool can help organize the information, a production partner can make sure that all those elements come together seamlessly. Full support includes blending webinars, web streams, virtual meetings and video production together into one virtual event. It blends all the individual services described above into one support service.

Think of the platform as the venue of your event. A great production partner can operate in any platform and can make your event stand out by using the tools above. If you’re curious about how we blend these services together to offer comprehensive digital event solutions, click here. To schedule a meeting to discuss your upcoming digital event, click here.