On the Road Again

Something that sets Bartha apart is our willingness to travel anywhere. We’ll follow you to the furthest destinations to make sure your event is sensational. So far this year we’ve made magic happen in Columbus, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Mexico City, Nashville, Atlanta, Naples, DC, Madrid, and Cincinnati. Whether we’re ankle-deep in confetti in a ballroom, making sure your slides are on cue for the keynote or expertly setting the tone for your cocktail… Read more »

Be Colorful

Color isn’t all about the lighting. Your speakers were on cue, your breakout sessions were impactful and your happy face video is playing in the background reminding your employees how much fun they’re having reinvigorating, learning and sharing your message. Rewind. Think back to when you first sat down at the table to develop your message, theming, venue – to put all the little pieces together. When Bartha is at that table with you, we… Read more »

Be Original: The Brothers Keefer

One might think it’s hard to be original when a twin. It’s not. Take for example Paul or Philip Keefer, our profiled twins of talent.

It’s a scientist, it’s an artist, it’s Paul Keefer!

If you’re talking animation with Paul Keefer, you’d better bring your A game. He’s scientific; he’s also artistic. His animations are elegant, but when he tries to describe how he created them, it sounds something like this:

Or “computer… Read more »

The Power of Light

When my parents decided to move out of the house I grew up in, I was not only sad because it felt like I was losing a part of myself, but I also came to learn that I had never really known the extent of who they were stylistically. My childhood home was very traditional in nature and although we had modern furniture in it, I never realized the extent of how modern and eclectic… Read more »