Leverage Digital Event Tools to Influence Engagement and Outcomes

As event planners and producers, you have a growing selection of digital tools to help lighten the physical and mental load of executing an event. Message boards, printed registration booklets and physical attendance are no longer requirements as digital alternatives – primarily event apps and live-streaming — become the standard. Leveraging your digital event tools beyond providing basic event information can enhance attendee experience through more targeted engagement, responsiveness, networking… Read more »

Site Surveys 101

Planning for an event can, at times, feel overwhelming. Holding a site survey can help ensure an event of any size goes off without a hitch. But it’s more than just seeing the room and checking off a list. A site survey is the time to help solve and anticipate any on-site issues you might run into and to make sure your entire crew will be on the same page with accurate information. A great… Read more »

Bartha Toolbox: Live Streaming

To stream or not to stream; it’s a question we hear from our clients often. Streaming is a great tool to bring your event from the ballroom to the living room, but in our digital age, it’s easy to overdo it. The trick is to focus on the message that you want people to take away from your event and stream the parts of the event that clearly deliver. If you stream too much, you… Read more »

The Power of Storytelling

We’ve seen our clients carry out successful event campaigns, for events ranging from sales meetings to annual conferences, utilizing impactful storytelling in email and social media. Something you may not be thinking about is that storytelling doesn’t have to stop with your online rollout, it can be carried throughout your event as well. The most successful events capitalize on your story in unexpected ways to drive engagement and participation. As you’re planning your upcoming meeting… Read more »

Krystie O’Brien: Natural Born Producer

Krystie O’Brien has been working in event production for over twenty years. From calling the shots to the coordination of the little details, a great producer is invaluable and we’re lucky to have Krystie on the job. But going from literal hoops to figurative hoops wasn’t easy, and she’s learned many best practices along the way. Things like “asking the right questions helps you shape the experience” and “thinking outside of the box can lead… Read more »

Valuing Efficiency Over Personal Connections: What a Dumb Idea.

Lately I have noticed the disappearance of phone numbers from corporate contact pages. Instead of connecting with a human being, I am asked to fill out a form to receive more information. If they like how I’ve answered their questions, I might be lucky enough to receive an email; at least that is how I feel. I understand the need to qualify leads so that resources are used properly, but recently I’ve witnessed this lack… Read more »

Our Speakers Fly

Providing audio services has been part of our core business for as long as Bartha’s been around. From 1946 when we sold portable sound systems, to our first traveling event production gigs in the late 1980s, to our most recent conferences everywhere from Canada to California, we’ve remained a trusted audio resource. And while audio might sound like a boring, technical part of an event, it’s worth a second look. Our audio engineers are… Read more »

Welcome Week at The Ohio State University

Welcome week is one of the busiest weeks on campus. The Ohio State University’s Student Life Department works tirelessly in their effort to not only coordinate the move-in of over 8,000 student, but also host multiple events on campus. To kick-off of the 2016-2017 school year, The Office of Student Life partnered with the Bartha team for event production support. Two days prior to the big move-in day, OSU hosted a training event… Read more »

Chris Andrus: Natural Born Audio Tech

Chris is an audio tech and the head of our audio department. He’s been making our events sound amazing for ten years and feels lucky to be doing what he loves. Born to be in audio, Chris went from mix tapes to mixing boards on a career path that took his love of technology and music and turned it into the job he has today. Running audio can be kind of thankless: Chris always says… Read more »