Team BarthaOctober 14, 2015

Be Colorful: Nick Leedale

Color is about creativity.

Whether you’re lighting a large stage with dynamic scenic elements, a presenter delivering a powerful message or crafting the ambiance in a room, you need an experienced partner that knows how to creatively bring your vision to life.

At Bartha we have a treasure trove of resources, including lighting from the best-in-industry Clay Paky, but what really sets us apart is our people. With combined experience worth a centennial celebration, we work hard to be your partner – collaborating to present bright ideas that will leave your attendees with vivid memories and you with a successful event in the books.

We pride ourselves on our team and when we think about bringing color to your event, we think immediately of how our unique people bring their interesting backgrounds to the table to make every event a custom masterpiece.

Nick Leedale is no exception. Around the office we call him the “commish” – of our Bartha fantasy football league – but you can call Nick your secret weapon when it comes to making your event colorful. Nick is a lighting designer that’s been with us for over 14 years. Much like Adam – our feature from last month – Nick became a lighting designer purely by chance.

When he first started at Bartha, we had recently lost our previous lighting technician so, as Nick puts it, “I was just the next man up.” We can all celebrate the fact that he was, though, because Nick fuses a background in dance with his approach to lighting that makes for exciting and creative solutions. A former dance and tumble teacher, and dancer at Miss Ohio pageants, Nick sees a lot of intersections between the two art forms. “They both involve creativity, timing, confidence and execution,” he says.

Nick also values the collaboration of lighting design. “I always do my best to find out the clients vision for the look and I am always willing and able to make changes accordingly.”

He’s no stranger to collaboration at home either – Nick, and his wife of 6 years, Michael, have to work together to manage their busy house of four kids with ages ranging from 2 to 16. And while dance was a huge part of his life growing up, he now gets to share that with his kids – along with family camping and hiking trips and bike rides.

With unique takes on lighting like Nick’s, we can create imaginative sets, environments and lighting schemes that help your event shine. Click here to find out how a partnership starts and then click here to get started.