Grab and go

In today’s 140-character, fast-track world of communications, you have a few seconds to grab your audience. And once you have, it’s GO time.

Whether you’re planning a large-scale, multi-media happening or a more intimate affair, your partnership with Bartha will ensure an effective ‘grab and go’  experience for your audience. And for you.

You may not need Daniel Craig to rappel from a helicopter into a packed stadium, but your event should be just as impactful and memorable to your audience – and to you.

From the first time we sit down with you to talk about what may be just a kernel of an idea for your event, Bartha’s team of action heroes can support – or completely take on – every aspect of the event. You choose how involved you want to be. Hands-on? Great. We partner with many clients in that way. Occasional meeting participation and update? Also great.

Our experience with events across the country and abroad means you can sit back, grab another cup of coffee – maybe even read the paper – and relax. We’ve got you covered. Just please don’t ask us to skyfall.

Event Design & Development

Set Design & Fabrication

Event Management

It’s an idea! It’s a concept! It’s an event!

It’s just that easy with Bartha as your event partner.

  • Creative Meeting Concepts
  • Theme Development
  • Event Planning
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Pre-Event Communication
  • Content Development
  • Show Flow Design
  • Custom Music
  • Live Performance

A standard set design with a  little pipe-and-drape  just won’t do. Whatever the size or budget of your event, we’ll give you a custom stage design that takes full advantage of the venue’s capabilities and literally sets the stage for your unique event.

With a foundation of steel and wood, flowing fabric, sculpted foam, and other cool stuff, we can add all the glitz and sizzle you want: special effects, lighting, motion – even pyrotechnics. Ka-pow!

  • Set Design
  • Computer Aided Design and Renderings
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Props, 3D Logos, Branding Elements
  • Large Inventory of Existing Stage Elements
  • Special Effects & Lighting
  • Creative LED Elements
  • Cycs, Scrims & Softgoods

Think of us as your sidekick. The Garfunkel to your Simon; the Goose to your Maverick; the Gromit to your Wallace. You get the idea: we’re there to do your bidding, and to take care of all the little details that give your event precision and polish. You get the credit and the praise. We’re happy just to be your ‘and.’

We’re experienced in managing local labor, coordinating with venue managers, and controlling costs no matter where we’re working. No worries – we’ve got this.

  • Rigging Plans & Floor Plans
  • Seating Plans & Room Layouts
  • Local Labor Scheduling & Management
  • Venue Coordination
  • Performance Rehearsals
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Production Schedules

The Fantastic Four

Our clients come from many different industries and locations around the country and abroad.

Each client’s message, style, culture, and tone are unique, and so is our approach. We bring our A-game every time, doing our due diligence to understand their company and the goals of the project before we get started. Then, we don’t stop.

In general, our clients can be sorted into these four industry types:


  • Incentive & Recognition Programs
  • Entertainment
  • Breakout/Training Support
  • Graphics & Branding
  • Recognition
  • Team Building
  • Product Launches
  • Content Development & Management


  • Event Design & Planning
  • Graphic Design & Event Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Scripting & Show Flow Development
  • Project Management
  • Décor & Event Space Design
  • Video Production


  • General Session Production & Staging
  • Digital Signage
  • Equipment & Dedicated Technicians for Breakouts & Educational Sessions
  • Tradeshow Vendor Support
  • Content Development & Management


  • Theme Development
  • Theme Graphic Design & Event Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Scripting & Show Flow Development
  • Project Management
  • Breakout/Training Support
  • Venue or Management

We are creative problem solvers

Our sole focus is the creation, production, and staging of live events.