Be Noticed: Michelle Broidy

We bring our A-team so yours gets the recognition they’ve earned!  We love to help you celebrate your top performers. In fact, helping you recognize your A-team is one of the things our A-team does best. We treat your superstars like royalty backstage… put their name in lights…bring them to center stage…and capture the moment on film. We know how proud you are of them, and we’re proud to help you get them noticed. One… Read more »

What’s It Worth?

Everyone loves stuff. Buy one, get one free. Order now and get 50% off. But what’s it really worth? Are you getting something that matters to you or is it just something discounted and/or free? For years, Bartha has worked on creating value behind our services. Bartha’s belief is simple: Invest the time and attention and deliver services that support and enhance events. Don’t “nickel and dime.” Don’t count the paper clips. Stick to the… Read more »