Team BarthaJuly 1, 2015

Be Noticed: Michelle Broidy

We bring our A-team so yours gets the recognition they’ve earned!

We love to help you celebrate your top performers. In fact, helping you recognize your A-team is one of the things our A-team does best.

We treat your superstars like royalty backstage… put their name in lights…bring them to center stage…and capture the moment on film. We know how proud you are of them, and we’re proud to help you get them noticed.

One of the ways we build lifetime-memory-worthy recognition segments is by drawing on our own amazing team members and their diverse skillsets.

Michelle Broidy, for instance, has 360 degrees of experience with events. She does research, stage-manages, calls and produces shows, operates prompter, handles craft services, and assists with and produces videos—just not all at the same time!

“I kind of like not knowing what every day will bring.”

Michelle said her experience has reinforced to her that Bartha is the right place to be—because our events aren’t a one-and-done experience. “It’s all about the client relationships we have,” she said. “We may have a million shows going on, but each client feels they’re the only one.

“We take on whatever they need, create special bonds with them, make them feel more comfortable, and we get it done, whatever it takes.”

Michelle—and the entire Bartha A-team—will bring that “whatever it takes” approach to your event to make sure your superstars get the notice they deserve—in recognition segments they’ll never forget.