Partnering with Sponsors in the Digital Age of Events

While events may not look the same, there are still many opportunities to partner with sponsors and offer meaningful resources to your attendees. Not only can your attendees benefit from the information your sponsors share, but you can use the opportunity to help your event stand out and stay impactful.

We’ve detailed some of our favorite ways to use sponsorships in your virtual meetings.


  1. Offer banner ads on your virtual event website.
  2. Create a specific sponsor page with special placement or listing options with tiers from logos to company profiles.
  3. Create an interactive floor plan with sponsorship opportunities for logo placement on virtual booths.
  4. Offer ad placement in attendee communications leading up to and after the event.
  5. Offer the presentation or event on demand afterward for additional opportunities for sponsor information to reach attendees.


  1. Allow logo placement on a custom background or on a sponsorship slide.
  2. Allow top tier sponsors to be highlighted at the beginning or end of your meeting with either a minute or two to present a video, information or their logo.
  3. Offer sponsored sessions – coffee breaks, wellness breaks, trivia challenges, networking, breakouts or general sessions all offer opportunities for sponsors to help offset costs and add value to attendees.
  4. Find a partner that will sponsor an impactful speaker. While it may be easier to secure speakers than ever before, some popular speakers may still have a fee outside of your budget. Use this opportunity to find a partner that can help and bring content to your attendees they may not have had access to otherwise.


Videos, animations, branded presentations, backdrop or set dressing, and other creative content can give your presentation a polished feel and set it apart from other online meetings and webinars. Offer opportunities to sponsors to be listed as specifically sponsoring content or support that brings a big ROI to attendees.

No matter how you decide to partner with sponsors, make sure you utilize a trusted moderator or production company to pull everything together seamlessly. The right partner can help you choose the platform that matches your goals, coach your speakers, switch between content, provide creative support and fulfill any location or equipment needs. Ready to talk about your next digital event? Contact us!

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