No pressure here. Eric’s only job is to take what our scenic designer presents to clients and bring it to life in multiple mediums, making sure it looks and feels just like we thought it would on paper. But to him, it’s no sweat. Carpentry runs in his family and he brings creative solutions to help build and execute everything from complicated multi-piece sets to custom-built scenic elements like clock towers and airplanes.

With nearly 20 years of experience here at Bartha, Eric has created some jaw-dropping set pieces. From brainstorming sessions to painstaking execution, Eric diligently works to bring our sets to life in our in-house fabrication shop. From truck beds to mountainscapes to custom projection surfaces, he’s built and incorporated all types of concepts and designs into our sets, wowing attendees and clients along the way.

We sat down with Eric to find out what he loves most about building dynamic and sometimes complicated sets. Read on to find out about the most challenging set he’s had to build so far, and how he rose to the occasion. And – editor’s note – when he says the job was handed to him, he means he was so good at it he didn’t really have a choice.

What’s your favorite thing to build?
Not really building, but the engineering part, figuring out how everything goes together.
What’s a tool you can’t live without?
measuring tape and pencil
You come from a family of carpenters/skilled builders – did you ever think about doing anything else?
Never really thought about it, the job was basically handed to me.
What’s the hardest set you’ve built?
The facade of a football stadium, it was nearly the width of a football field, around 50ft. tall, and I only had 46 days to complete.

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