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On the Road Again

Something that sets Bartha apart is our willingness to travel anywhere. We’ll follow you to the furthest destinations to make sure your event is sensational. So far this year we’ve made magic happen in Columbus, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Mexico City, Nashville, Atlanta, Naples, DC, Madrid, and Cincinnati.

Whether we’re ankle-deep in confetti in a ballroom, making sure your slides are on cue for the keynote or expertly setting the tone for your cocktail hour, we’re striving to make every moment count. One thing we’ve learned from traveling so much is you’ve got to be ready for anything. So to save you from You Tubing travel hacks or Googling top ten lists for Spring Break travel, here are our top #traveltips.

  • “Bring your hangers from home. The hanging hook is wider and you can hang your clothes on the shower rod and steam the travel wrinkles away.” – John Killacky
  • “Never forget your headphones. And pack in outfits.” – Steve Bornhoeft
  • “Pack a basics bag with things like lotions and nail polish – anything small that they might not have at the hotel or that you have a favorite of at home. Research the area for great restaurants before you go – nothing is worse than wasting your dinner(s) out on a crappy place you chose last minute.” – Maddy Hendren
  • “Do not forget to check-in before you get to the airport. Better yet, check in as early as your airline allows!” – Bill Shomaker
  • “Pack a few large binder clips for when hotel curtains won’t stay closed. Bring an extra-long charging cable in case the bedside outlet is a little further away. If you know you’ll have down time in a city with a public transit system print a map before you go. Tag your bag so you can easily find it if you check it. And try to consolidate your carry-on items into a backpack you can stow away under your seat – relying on overhead bin space is bound to lead to frustration.” – Chris Andrus

As Spring travel season gets underway, use these tips for a less stressful trip. And watch out for our updates from the road because we’ll be jet-setting to even more places throughout the year bringing our expertise to ballrooms and venues across the nation.

Happy Traveling!



  • Jeffrey Warnement

    March 15, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    When traveling, center your mind that whatever happens is going to happen. Keep frustration and anger in your pocket because it won’t help the situation or get you to where you are going any quicker. People around you are in the same situation and are frustrated too. Be calm, be happy, and be safe. Traveling is more like herding cattle than it used to be. Keep that in mind and just go with the flow.

  • tox

    August 8, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Hi guys!

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