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Be Ready: Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry started working in events with his dad at Presentation Services, providing audio visual services to hotels. He can’t remember if he ever wanted to do anything else, but when his dad introduced him to Dan Bashore, he took a job here at Bartha and has been here ever since.

Fast forward 18 years and Wayne is still here, only now he’s a production manager with a lot of great stories and experience. Wayne’s first job here was a delivery driver, which he did for three years before he joined the staging team.

Working from delivery driver to technician to production manager Wayne’s seen a lot. When I told him his caricature was based a superhero, he said he actually does feel like a superhero at work. Working an event is hard physical work and Wayne said he’s grateful he’s still able to pull it off.

“Staying busy keeps me fresh and young at heart – and it keeps my E.T. physique at a minimum. You have to put that in there.”

Can’t dispute an endorsement like that.

But all joking aside, Wayne has actually had to channel his inner superhero and save a couple people in the course of a day’s work. He said once he stopped a woman from falling backwards down an escalator and taking out her sister with her. Don’t worry, we make him wear his cape under his Bartha show gear.

Clearly, pulling off the perfect event means you need to be ready for anything. Wayne says that “working these shows is like no other job. Anything can happen.” And we definitely agree with him when he says that

“Bartha is blessed to have the technicians that they have because they take what they do personally. When we all work together our shows come out flawlessly.”

We work hard every day to roll out the red carpet for your event. We toil behind the scenes to make sure every moment is perfect. Tapping decades of experience and our queue of state-of-the art technology, we customize everything from the illumination to the soundscape to the visual elements of your event.

We are proud of our diverse partnerships and are excited to bring a whole new round of best-ever events to life in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Marcia

    December 17, 2015 at 2:35 am

    Wayne Perry needs to be be VP of staging! He’s that amazing!

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