Team BarthaJanuary 7, 2015

Be Heard

At its core, your event is about delivering a message – right? You carefully develop a theme that will drive all of the speeches, videos, graphics, and other elements throughout your audience’s experience. You plan, you chart out, you plot, you collaborate. You write, edit, reframe, and rehearse.

And when you get to that moment when your CEO steps on stage, all the stars must align. Delivery, tone, graphic support … and sound quality. Because if your audience can’t hear, the message is lost. The whole objective of the event is lost. And, very importantly, your CEO’s voice has been lost. That’s not good for you – really, really not good for you.

We know that you may not think much about sound design in advance of your event. You’re busy with all of those other things. That’s fine, and probably even as it should be – because we’re thinking about it plenty.

Sound design is part of our planning process from the moment we partner with you. As we talk through all the different elements of your general session, breakouts, presentations, and galas, we’re taking note of all of the sound requirements.

Every element is individually designed – an arena requires much different sound design than a breakout room, for instance, or a live musical performance, or a soft-spoken presenter.

Onsite, our crew uses only Meyer sound systems – the best in the industry – to make sure you get rich, full sound. Not plug-and-play, not cookie-cutter. Custom-designed, awesome sound.

We know sound doesn’t get much glory. We know your audience probably doesn’t lean over to one another and whisper, “Will you get a load of that sound quality?” That’s okay. One of our audio techs said it best: “When the client takes the sound for granted and they don’t even think about it, we’ve done our job.”

Indeed, it’s our job is to make your job easy, start to finish. That includes delivering the sharpest, clearest sound quality possible from the first presentation to the last.

Your message is crucial. Make sure it’s heard.