Tips & TricksMay 16, 2014

Ask the Right Questions

As Seen in the April 2014 DSA Suppliers Source –

What Event Planners Should Look for in a Production Company

How do we make this year’s sales conference better than last year’s? Increase attendance? Give each guest the experience they want?

Event planners rack their brains every year to build a better event. To make honorees feel like rock stars. To touch the audience in even more meaningful ways. After all, the investment in an annual sales conference is significant; the return should be too.

Choosing the right production company is the key to maximizing that investment, and asking the right questions is the key to making that choice.

  • Experience: How well do they know direct sales?
  • Partnership: What do other clients say about working with them?
  • Research: Will they work hard to get to know your company – or bring out the cookie-cutter?
  • Social Responsibility: How innovative are they in ‘bringing the green’ to events?
  • High Standards: Is their work ever just ‘good enough?’
  • Technology: Have they invested in the best technology available?
  • Community: How important is community involvement?
  • Responsiveness: Are they responsive to client involvement and suggestions?
  • Budget: Will they respect your budget and let you know when your blue-sky ideas are too pricey?
  • Creativity: How will they bring big excitement to your new product intros?
  • Audience: How thoughtful are they in planning the audience – and honoree – experience?
  • Team: How will their team work with your team?

What a production company does onstage is important, but knowing how they get there is critical. Take the time to discover who they are and you’ll discover how important your event is to them.