Tips & TricksFebruary 14, 2016

Put Your Production Partnership to the Test

February is all about love. Love for your spouse, partner, animal pal or just yourself. We’re all about the chocolates and flowers, steak dinners and heart-shaped jelly candy – but we also think this month is good for reflection. While you’re thinking about what makes your personal relationships great, we encourage you to also take some time to contemplate your relationship with your event production team.

When it comes to checking the ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ box for your event production company, keep this list in mind.


Does your company of choice come to the table with the ability to make your wildest event dreams a reality? Here at Bartha, we have the unique ability to adapt your ideas across many mediums to deliver an event that is even better than you hoped. We’re available at any time to discuss every detail from initial creative concepts, theme development, logo design and event branding, content development, live performance coordination and special effects. We’ve staged events across the nation and abroad and can pull on that experience to make sure you’re covered. So the next time you sit down to plan an event, ask yourself if your production partner is listening to your needs and delivering the goods.


Does your company of choice make you feel like their number one client? We strive to make every client feel like their event is our top priority. When you partner with Bartha, you are assigned a dedicated account manager that will help keep planning on track, answer all of your questions and coordinate and execute site visits and meetings. Every partnership we have is important to us and it’s why we’ve continued to add services that make planning your event easier – such as on-site set design and fabrication, state-of-the-art video production capabilities, motion graphics and animation and on-site audio and video studios.
Our number one goal is to get it right – whether it’s the planning process, the event itself or our relationship as your preferred production company. When you think about your current partner, make sure they are giving you the time you deserve.


Does your company of choice try to give you one-size-fits-all solutions or do they take the time to find what makes your organization and event unique? We pride ourselves on the research we do for every RFP we respond to. Whether it’s a simple email request from a current partner or a 10-page document from a prospective client, we do our due diligence to make sure we present you with something that speaks to your organization and your message. We value the opportunity to work on the events we produce every day and respect your time and your journey as your own unique company. So as you send out RFPs or meet for that coffee with your current production company, put them to the test on how much they know about you and your business.

The same qualities that make you and your partner so successful together can also apply to what makes your relationship with your event team fruitful. We hope that this list helps you put some perspective on current partnership.

Happy Valentine’s Day!