Tips & TricksJuly 18, 2013

Creative Ways to Honor Hundreds


We recently completed Arbonne International’s Global Training Conference (GTC 2013) with an audience of 13,000 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. With over 550 individual achievers to be honored on stage, we are challenged each year to creatively and quickly give them their moment in the spotlight.

We have crafted this list to help you during your next event.

Keep the pace of award recognitions moving, whether you are recognizing 10 or 1000:

  • Keep a consistent pace going throughout the awards.
  • Avoid picture taking during the show; the audience should not be waiting while you take pictures. Create an off stage “photo op” area that can be used after the event.
  • Utilize a stage manager to keep people moving and help ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Choose the right music to keep the audience entertained and maintain the pace.

Tips for large numbers being honored:

  • If your event spans multiple days; spread the awards out throughout the program.
  • Scroll the names visually across the screen rather than have them wait to have their name appear.
  • Rehearse when possible or prepare documentation prior to the event that gives honorees information about where and when they need to be ready.
  • Use all available space to pre-stage groups so there are no delays.

Tips for smaller numbers being honored:

  • Have honorees come from backstage
  • Be sure that awards/certificates/plaques are ready for distribution.

Animated graphics can make it fun:

  • If you must do things that slow down a show, have fun with graphics to keep the audience engaged