Tips & TricksJuly 18, 2013

Be Prepared — Top Considerations for International Events

Bartha just recently returned from Ireland, staging an event for a large corporate client. As we review our experience abroad, we thought it helpful to share some tips regarding the planning and execution of events overseas.


Allow a minimum of six weeks just to prepare equipment; four weeks for shipping; one week for packing; and a minimum of one week for paperwork and proper documentation. The paperwork necessary to ship equipment and event supplies abroad is very comprehensive; understanding how the process works to ensure everything arrives on time is critical!

Do the math.

We have learned that shipping our own mission-critical equipment is often the most cost effective way to stage a show. Much of the high-end technology we use day in and day out in the U.S. comes at a premium price overseas; some, more standard equipment, may be reasonably priced so shipping offers no distinct advantage. Every destination is different. Our job is to do the math, balance shipping costs versus local rentals, and design a final labor and equipment package that is cost-effective while assuring top performance and capability.


Any time we travel abroad we know that we need to locate quality local professionals to assist us. We work to create relationships all over the world so that no matter where we go, we know we have a solid team. It makes all the difference and ensures that each event is worry-free for our clients.

Be dutifully aware of Duties.

Every country has different (and sometimes punitive) import/export regulations. Know what they are in your destination country before you pack and ship all that expensive stuff. For example, if you plan to give your top sales people a classy piece of jewelry in recognition of their achievement, you may be liable for import/export duties based on its value. This has been known to lead to sticker shock.


Be sure you understand the needs of your event so that you can be assured you have enough power. Remember the 2013 Super Bowl? Planning for power at any event is critical especially when abroad.

For information or assistance in planning your next overseas event contact us today!