Work SpotlightMarch 14, 2013

Creativity and Collaboration

In early 2011, Bartha began a collaborative partnership with The Ohio State University producing a number of spectacular events in support of the University and various scholarship funds; each has created unique, powerful experiences.

The first was the Jessie Owens Tribute. Bartha designed a main stage with a 15’ by 85’ widescreen serving as a dynamic backdrop for the evening. Bartha’s design team created custom graphics to support each segment of the program including an animation of Jesse Owens running across the full width of the screen.

In 2012, Bartha built on the success of the Owens Tribute by producing the Celebrating John Glenn event. Wide-screen, high-definition video production took the audience back to 1962 for the launch and historic flight of John Glenn’s Friendship 7. At the beginning of fall semester, 2012, Bartha’s creative team helped welcome 7,000 incoming freshman to OSU. This high-energy event at Nationwide Arena utilized massive video screens along with interactive projection on the Arena floor to illustrate the best that Columbus has to offer.

The final event of 2012 was the public launch of the But for Ohio State campaign, staged in the Archie Griffin Ballroom of The Ohio Union. This unique event demanded innovative imagery and staging supported with emotional storytelling. Bartha delivered with unique 360 degree projection. Fourteen high definition projectors were utilized to surround the audience with powerful images, transporting them to the center of the Oval at dawn, to mountain glaciers, to the fifty yard line of Ohio Stadium on game day.

Bartha’s production team delivered with over a dozen inspirational ‘But for Ohio State’ videos; stories of University benefactors, academic achievement, cutting-edge research and global impact. Each video story, from the dynamic wide-screen opening to the tale of disappearing glaciers, was told with original scripting, archival images and high definition footage that took our staff to Arizona, Florida and Chicago.

Bartha’s partnership with The Ohio State University continues in 2013 with the recently completed Anne & Woody Hayes Tribute Event. Bartha’s design team re-created the Ohio Stadium façade on the practice field within the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex. Five projection screens incorporated in this massive backdrop carried archival images to support each segment of the program. Bartha’s production team created a number of HD videos to tell the story of Anne and Woody Hayes’ legacy.