Team BarthaFebruary 10, 2011

Business Announcements – Columbus Dispatch 2.6.2011

Bartha announced the addition of two team members today: Jeff Warnement as Director of Photography and Mike Meyer as Manager of Video Production. Both will oversee the production department developed to provide clients creative content for their natural events. “Their tenure in the industry combined with their innovative approach will enable us to better serve our clients,” stated Dan Bashore, President. “We have been assisting our clients since 2004 with content and we are excited to have assembled this team to offer expert production capabilities unique to our industry.”

The team comes to Bartha with a combination of over 60 years of award-winning experience in the industry specializing in creative content for corporate clients. Meyer was recently honored for his work with an Emmy award for a documentary he co-produced. “Production is a combination of creative scripts and insightful footage combined with the latest technology to engage and entertain audiences,” states Bashore. “Mike and Jeff were the experts we needed to be the best in our industry.”

Bartha was founded in 1946 and is located in Columbus, Ohio. It services corporate, associates, religious and non-profit clients with their regional and national conventions, trade shows, conferences and business productions. Bartha has over 35 full-time employees who produce events throughout the U.S; service include custom scenery, staging and all aspects of event production.