Make it so

The most creative ideas, most impactful message, cleverest logo treatment – are all for naught if the on-site execution fails.

When it’s light-camera-action time, you need an experienced team you can rely on. We’re that team. There’s not a last-minute snag we haven’t unraveled or a challenge we haven’t wrestled into submission. Those things are part of the job, and we don’t allow ourselves to be surprised or caught off guard.

Pull up a chair and let us amaze you with what we can do.

What we do

  • Project Management
  • Venue & Labor Management
  • Show Direction & Technical Staffing
  • Lighting and Sound Design & Systems
  • HD/Large Format Digital Projection
  • Multi-Camera Digital Video Switching & Image Magnification
  • Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
  • On-Site Video Production
  • Live Event Streaming & Archiving


See all those folks running around backstage dressed in black? You don’t? Good. They’re there to make your event YOUR event. Seamless execution is their middle name.

We invest in the best equipment and most well-trained, skilled professionals to operate it. You may not know their names, but you’ll know their work when you see – and hear – it.


Our video display technology is the best in the industry. And when newer, better technology is developed, we get that too. We’re pioneers (not the clearing-the-land type – the first-on-the-scene type) in using ultra-bright, large-screen, high-res digital video.

We can project content onto a sphere or curved surface. Plaster a city skyline onto a set. Create a seamless land of images stretching more than 100 feet. Or even create an electronic set with LED screens that allow you to change backgrounds for each segment. Cool.

What we offer

  • Christie HD Projectors
  • Full 1080 HD Signal Processing
  • Folsom Encore Switching & Blending
  • Unique Wide-Screen Formats and Effects
  • Picture-In-Picture and Multiple Source Effects
  • Multi-Camera Image Magnification


Can you hear me now?

It’s not just about hearing. It’s about clarity and crispness, and no hiss or background noise. Our audio engineers are incredible at custom-tuning our audio systems to each venue, each speaker and music track, and each performance to deliver rich, full sound.

That means your audience is as engaged in a high-energy musical performance as they are in a hushed, emotional spoken presentation. Great audio demands finesse and enormous attention to detail.

Listen – our crew is the best.

What we offer

  • Meyer Sound Powered Speaker Cabinets
  • Digital Audio Consoles
  • SIM3 Audio Analyzers
  • Meyer Loudspeaker Management Systems
  • 360 Systems Instant Replay Hard Drive Playback Units
  • Live Performance Support
  • RTS Multiple Channel Intercom Systems
  • Shure UHF Microphones


Ask any Hollywood actor; the right lighting can transform anything. Change an arena from a hockey venue to a glamorous gala venue, an exhibit hall into a high-energy musical performance destination.

Our team of lighting designers use the very latest inventory of lighting instruments to make magic happen. Color, pattern, texture, motion and their creativity combine to create lighting effects that can turn a simple stage set into a rich, theatrical backdrop.  And it’s all customized for your event.

What we offer

  • Lighting Plots and Rigging Plans
  • Whole Hog Lighting Consoles
  • Axon Media Servers
  • Vari*Lite Intelligent Instruments
  • LED Instruments
  • Creative LED
  • Truss, Motors, & Rigging Systems


Who, what, where, when, why

Details, details. That’s where our logistics teams shine. You don’t need to worry about what time the CEO will rehearse, or where to find a steel drum band in Kansas City. We’ll sweat the small stuff for you, no worries.

Project Management

Our project management teams are all over it. We stage events all over the country, which means we’re good at managing local labor, coordinating details with venue personnel, controlling costs, and basically getting the job done.

What we offer

  • Rigging Plans & Floor Plans
  • Seating Plans & Room Layouts
  • Local Labor Scheduling & Management
  • Venue Coordination
  • Performance Rehearsals
  • Entertainment Booking
  • CADD
  • Labor management

We are creative problem solvers

Our sole focus is the creation, production, and staging of live events.