The Power of Storytelling

We’ve seen our clients carry out successful event campaigns, for events ranging from sales meetings to annual conferences, utilizing impactful storytelling in email and social media. Something you may not be thinking about is that storytelling doesn’t have to stop with your online rollout, it can be carried throughout your event as well. The most successful events capitalize on your story in unexpected ways to drive engagement and participation. As you’re planning your upcoming meeting… Read more »

Krystie O’Brien: Natural Born Producer

Krystie O’Brien has been working in event production for over twenty years. From calling the shots to the coordination of the little details, a great producer is invaluable and we’re lucky to have Krystie on the job. But going from literal hoops to figurative hoops wasn’t easy, and she’s learned many best practices along the way. Things like “asking the right questions helps you shape the experience” and “thinking outside of the box can lead… Read more »

Seamless Event Production with Experience Columbus

Guests of Experience Columbus’ (Greater Columbus’ Convention & Visitors Bureau) Annual Meeting were given the opportunity to experience the city’s nightlife as they savored the tasty offerings from the city’s top chefs and tapped their toes to the music of Popgun. With so much going on, few attendees probably put much thought into the technical side of the event, and that is okay. It is actually a good thing if we went undetected; it means… Read more »

Be Ready: Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry started working in events with his dad at Presentation Services, providing audio visual services to hotels. He can’t remember if he ever wanted to do anything else, but when his dad introduced him to Dan Bashore, he took a job here at Bartha and has been here ever since. Fast forward 18 years and Wayne is still here, only now he’s a production manager with a lot of great stories and experience…. Read more »

Be Ready

Life is full of surprises – but we’re ready for anything.

Have a last minute event? Need a trusted planning partner to work with over the next few months? Or need someone to plan everything from start to finish? We can do it all. We’re a full-service event production company, meaning we’re here for you from the first creative concept to load out and everything in between. Our team of producers, production managers, and graphic… Read more »

Be Colorful

Color isn’t all about the lighting. Your speakers were on cue, your breakout sessions were impactful and your happy face video is playing in the background reminding your employees how much fun they’re having reinvigorating, learning and sharing your message. Rewind. Think back to when you first sat down at the table to develop your message, theming, venue – to put all the little pieces together. When Bartha is at that table with you, we… Read more »

Be Noticed: Lisa Meadows

Details, details. From the floral arrangements she produced in her family’s shop to the large-scale events she produces for Bartha’s clients, Lisa Meadows has always been about pulling things together to create something amazing.

“It’s kind of a strange way that things came about,” she said of her career. Her early days among the blooms of her mom’s shop showed she had a knack for décor. That lead her to a position with The… Read more »

Be Noticed: Michelle Broidy

We bring our A-team so yours gets the recognition they’ve earned!  We love to help you celebrate your top performers. In fact, helping you recognize your A-team is one of the things our A-team does best. We treat your superstars like royalty backstage… put their name in lights…bring them to center stage…and capture the moment on film. We know how proud you are of them, and we’re proud to help you get them noticed. One… Read more »

Be Cool: Jeff Smith

Oh Captain, My Captain You want the guy steering the ship to keep his cool, right? At Bartha, our production managers are the point of contact for the client, and yes, they captain the ship beautifully. Without exception, our production managers have worked in just about every position on the crew. Jeff first joined us as a lighting tech. He led that team for a number of years before moving into a production management role… Read more »

Be Cool

Putting Your Show in the Best Light Flip a switch, light a room. We do it every day, right? Lighting a show is a whole different animal. It’s a detailed and highly technical process that includes using the best technology and the right equipment to deliver the best result for the client. It’s also pretty cool. Lighting design is customized to each show. The lighting and rigging teams must take the size of the room,… Read more »