Leverage Digital Event Tools to Influence Engagement and Outcomes

As event planners and producers, you have a growing selection of digital tools to help lighten the physical and mental load of executing an event. Message boards, printed registration booklets and physical attendance are no longer requirements as digital alternatives – primarily event apps and live-streaming — become the standard. Leveraging your digital event tools beyond providing basic event information can enhance attendee experience through more targeted engagement, responsiveness, networking… Read more »

Bartha Toolbox: Live Streaming

To stream or not to stream; it’s a question we hear from our clients often. Streaming is a great tool to bring your event from the ballroom to the living room, but in our digital age, it’s easy to overdo it. The trick is to focus on the message that you want people to take away from your event and stream the parts of the event that clearly deliver. If you stream too much, you… Read more »

Be Ready

Life is full of surprises – but we’re ready for anything.

Have a last minute event? Need a trusted planning partner to work with over the next few months? Or need someone to plan everything from start to finish? We can do it all. We’re a full-service event production company, meaning we’re here for you from the first creative concept to load out and everything in between. Our team of producers, production managers, and graphic… Read more »

Be Noticed: Lisa Meadows

Details, details. From the floral arrangements she produced in her family’s shop to the large-scale events she produces for Bartha’s clients, Lisa Meadows has always been about pulling things together to create something amazing.

“It’s kind of a strange way that things came about,” she said of her career. Her early days among the blooms of her mom’s shop showed she had a knack for décor. That lead her to a position with The… Read more »

Be Cool: Jeff Smith

Oh Captain, My Captain You want the guy steering the ship to keep his cool, right? At Bartha, our production managers are the point of contact for the client, and yes, they captain the ship beautifully. Without exception, our production managers have worked in just about every position on the crew. Jeff first joined us as a lighting tech. He led that team for a number of years before moving into a production management role… Read more »

Be Heard

No Matter Where You Are.

How do you make sure an audience can hear what you’re putting out there? What if they’re in a huge, cavernous arena or stadium? Or a ballroom? Or an outdoor venue?

Each of these spaces requires different sound design, and our crack audio squad does it all, including at a couple of particularly exciting events in January.

Our hometown Ohio State University Buckeyes kicked off 2015 by… Read more »

Be Heard

At its core, your event is about delivering a message – right? You carefully develop a theme that will drive all of the speeches, videos, graphics, and other elements throughout your audience’s experience. You plan, you chart out, you plot, you collaborate. You write, edit, reframe, and rehearse. And when you get to that moment when your CEO steps on stage, all the stars must align. Delivery, tone, graphic support … and sound quality. Because… Read more »

Live Streaming — Is It Right For Your Event?

Many meetings now offer live streaming elements to their events. Used successfully, you can share your event experience with the world. Used incorrectly, your event creates a disconnect and your audience will disengage. Bartha wants to be sure you stream correctly so here are three tips we think you should consider. Select the right content; don’t just stream everything. Be selective and find the right message you want to share. Know your speed, you don’t… Read more »

Logistics: Growing Industry Can Put the Columbus Region on the Map

As part of the Columbus Chamber’s mission to retain and expand existing businesses, the Columbus Region Logistics Council (CRLC) has recognized and capitalized on the opportunities the logistics industry has presented. To help tell the story of Logistics, the Columbus Chamber partnered with Bartha’s Video Production team to produce a video to be shown at their Annual Meeting. To view the video, visit Bartha’s video page here and select the “That’s Logistics” video…. Read more »