Site Surveys 101

Planning for an event can, at times, feel overwhelming. Holding a site survey can help ensure an event of any size goes off without a hitch. But it’s more than just seeing the room and checking off a list. A site survey is the time to help solve and anticipate any on-site issues you might run into and to make sure your entire crew will be on the same page with accurate information. A great… Read more »

Let’s Get Creative

From our first rental to our most recent production, we’ve always focused on being a trusted partner to our clients. As we’ve grown from our first traveling productions in the late 1980s, we’ve added more services and continued to invest in the industry’s best equipment. In 2006, we started our production team. They are dedicated specifically to the creation of creative content for our events. As you saw in our previous blog post Read more »

Return to Wright State University

Just a year and a half after designing Wright State University’s kick-off event for their Rise. Shine Campaign, Bartha returned to the WSU E.J. Nutter Center to produce a gala event to celebrate the campaign’s accomplishments. Although we were ecstatic to be invited back, we faced a bit of a challenge. How do we repeat the previous success of the kickoff event, keep the same branded look and feel, and yet create a new experience… Read more »

Put Your Production Partnership to the Test

February is all about love. Love for your spouse, partner, animal pal or just yourself. We’re all about the chocolates and flowers, steak dinners and heart-shaped jelly candy – but we also think this month is good for reflection. While you’re thinking about what makes your personal relationships great, we encourage you to also take some time to contemplate your relationship with your event production team. When it comes to checking the ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or… Read more »

Be Ready: Jeffrey McMahon

We’ve got your back.

Anyone who knows Jeff McMahon knows he loves to tell a good story – and he has an arsenal of them. That’s because he’s been in the event industry for 48 years. Jeff’s own story is one of the best he has to tell – full of laughs and a love of theater. At 5 years old Jeff went to see Pinocchio and, even though it was an early moment in… Read more »

Be Ready

Life is full of surprises – but we’re ready for anything.

Have a last minute event? Need a trusted planning partner to work with over the next few months? Or need someone to plan everything from start to finish? We can do it all. We’re a full-service event production company, meaning we’re here for you from the first creative concept to load out and everything in between. Our team of producers, production managers, and graphic… Read more »

Be Noticed: Lisa Meadows

Details, details. From the floral arrangements she produced in her family’s shop to the large-scale events she produces for Bartha’s clients, Lisa Meadows has always been about pulling things together to create something amazing.

“It’s kind of a strange way that things came about,” she said of her career. Her early days among the blooms of her mom’s shop showed she had a knack for décor. That lead her to a position with The… Read more »

Be Noticed: Michelle Broidy

We bring our A-team so yours gets the recognition they’ve earned!  We love to help you celebrate your top performers. In fact, helping you recognize your A-team is one of the things our A-team does best. We treat your superstars like royalty backstage… put their name in lights…bring them to center stage…and capture the moment on film. We know how proud you are of them, and we’re proud to help you get them noticed. One… Read more »