Our Speakers Fly

Providing audio services has been part of our core business for as long as Bartha’s been around. From 1946 when we sold portable sound systems, to our first traveling event production gigs in the late 1980s, to our most recent conferences everywhere from Canada to California, we’ve remained a trusted audio resource. And while audio might sound like a boring, technical part of an event, it’s worth a second look. Our audio engineers are… Read more »

Chris Andrus: Natural Born Audio Tech

Chris is an audio tech and the head of our audio department. He’s been making our events sound amazing for ten years and feels lucky to be doing what he loves. Born to be in audio, Chris went from mix tapes to mixing boards on a career path that took his love of technology and music and turned it into the job he has today. Running audio can be kind of thankless: Chris always says… Read more »