Be Original: The Brothers Keefer

One might think it’s hard to be original when a twin. It’s not. Take for example Paul or Philip Keefer, our profiled twins of talent.

It’s a scientist, it’s an artist, it’s Paul Keefer!

If you’re talking animation with Paul Keefer, you’d better bring your A game. He’s scientific; he’s also artistic. His animations are elegant, but when he tries to describe how he created them, it sounds something like this:

Or “computer… Read more »

Be Original

Animation: Bringing Client Stories to Life. Remember the first time you saw the animation of the NBC peacock’s feathers? In an age of mostly static black-and-white images, it was amazing and remains an iconic animation sequence. (If you don’t remember this, trust us: it was crazy. And in living color.) Animation brings images to life. Animation artists study an image, disassemble it to its essential parts, and give life to those parts, creating something entirely… Read more »