Be Colorful: Nick Leedale

Color is about creativity.

Whether you’re lighting a large stage with dynamic scenic elements, a presenter delivering a powerful message or crafting the ambiance in a room, you need an experienced partner that knows how to creatively bring your vision to life. At Bartha we have a treasure trove of resources, including lighting from the best-in-industry Clay Paky, but what really sets us apart is our people. With combined experience worth a centennial celebration, we… Read more »

Be Colorful: Adam Nickel

Color isn’t all about the lighting.

Your presenters were on cue, your breakout sessions were impactful and your happy face video is playing in the background reminding your employees how much fun they’re having reinvigorating, learning and sharing your message. Rewind. Think back to when you first sat down at the table to develop your message, theming, venue – to put all the little pieces together. When Bartha is at that table with you, we… Read more »